Lockdown can be a challenge. This time, however, I am trying to view it as an opportunity to try new ventures. So this post is just a little update to let you know what new content is incoming!

Over on my Youtube Channel I am starting to put out a regular schedule of varied videos.

Every Wednesday there will be a Webisode – a longer video containing educational/interesting content. To get a flavour of these, check out the embedded video below.

Thursdays meanwhile are Throwback days. These videos will mostly be minimally-edited river reports. They’ll sometimes contain music, sometimes not! But my aim is to give a flavour of adventuring into some of this world’s most stunning natural spaces.

Though this is mainly a project to keep me sane in lockdown, my intention is definitely to continue long after. So please head over and subscribe to join me in the learning process!

And feel free to let me know in the comments if there’s anything in particular you want to see a video about.