Surf Skills

Boost your moving-water confidence, learn to surf with ease or push towards those aerial moves!

Who this is for

The Surf Skills course is aimed at anyone looking to push into the exhilerating world of surf kayaking, or for freestyle paddlers looking for an environment to develop their aerial ability. Whether you want to dip your toes into the surf for the first time, you’re a freestyle paddler looking to perfect your kickflips, or you paddle whitewater regularly but want some big volume practice, this course can be tailored to suit you.

Course Aims

On the Surf Skills programme, our aim is to gain understanding of the movement of surf and the techniques that can lead to success in that environment.

To do this, we will explore both the theoretical and practical elements of the sport, moving from gentler surf to more demanding breaks/conditions.

When and where?

·         This course can be offered as a 1-day option or as part of an ongoing programme of coaching, either at our local spots of East Wittering and Bracklesham, or at a variety of popular surf-spots in North Devon.

·         Pre-requisites – some kayaking experience, including a reliable roll.

·         Recommendations – the optimum craft will depend on your desired course outcome – those seeking a first taste of surf will find a river-runner suitable, while those seeking to maximise playability in the surf will want a modern playboat or oldschool playboat.

·         Pricing – £65 per session, or £55 for a 3-session programme.

·         Max. 2 learners at the same time.

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Matt takes time to get to know you and your style, so he is able to coach in a way that fits how you like to be taught. He has a vast array of paddling knowledge and knows how to use it. He cares about paddling and you. One of the best coaches you could have.

River Confidence participant
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