river Confidence

Travelling downriver with style and ease is something every kayaker aims for. This bespoke programme makes it possible!

Who this is for

The River Confidence course is aimed at anyone seeking to take their first steps into independent whitewater paddling. Whether you just want a single day to give you a taste of the adrenaline-fueled world of whitewater, or you are looking for a longer-term, progressive programme to develop you into a calm and collected river-runner, we can design a course to suit your needs.

Course Aims

On the river confidence programme, our aim is to take your paddling from a flatwater environment into the full-on fun and exciting challenge of the river.

To do this, we work together to establish goals and make the transition to the dynamic river environment as safe, educational and enjoyable as possible.

When and where?

·         This course can be offered as a 1-day option or as part of an ongoing programme of coaching.

·         Pre-requisites – some kayaking experience, but no need to have done any whitewater. Confident ability to swim.

·         Recommendations – comfortable manoeuvring a kayak in flatwater. Having a competent roll will enable participants to make the maximise enjoyment and learning, but is by no means necessary. Ideally a creekboat or river-runner – something stable, but with edges!

·         Pricing – £85 per day, or £75 per day for a 5-session programme.

·         Max. 4 learners at the same time.

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Matt takes time to get to know you and your style, so he is able to coach in a way that fits how you like to be taught. He has a vast array of paddling knowledge and knows how to use it. He cares about paddling and you. One of the best coaches you could have.

River Confidence participant
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