We hit a milestone in the video-making journey this week. The Matthew Brook Coaching Ltd YouTube channel hit 400 subscribers! What started out as simply a means of staying sane in lockdown has been the most amazing new journey! So, as the season kicks off again, it seemed like a good time to look back and summarise the past months of producing videos.

Setting out!

Back in November, I had no idea how well-received these videos would become. In fact, I started out simply with the intention of keeping myself occupied! Unsurprisingly, my first video was a bit of an experiment. It tackled the topic of healthy practices for paddlers.

Unquestionably, it was rough around the edges. But the journey had begun!

Into the stride!

Since that first foray into video-making, there have been various experiments. Thanks to my amazing viewers, I got to know what was of interest and what wasn’t! For instance, initially I tried putting out some throwback river reports:

However, these didn’t receive half as much interest as the tutorials that I was beginning to produce. So they ceased to be a regular part of the programme! Even so, I still put out the odd one or two, so don’t expect them to disappear altogether!

At the same time, as mentioned, I was establishing a rhythm of regular tutorial videos. Starting with cartwheels, we have been steadily progressing through various freestyle and general boat-control skills. All of the tutorials are now available in a playlist, so you can check them out at your leisure!

New year, new ventures

At the start of 2021, with another national lockdown in place, but some exciting prospects on the horizon, I once again tried something different. This time, it was the start of a more vlog-style series: Journey to the Worlds. The camera-work was shaky, the content was uncertain and the goal was lofty! But it hasn’t stopped being fun! In fact, the process of documenting my learning journey as a coach and paddler has proved a really healthy means of keeping myself grounded.

At about this time too, a helpful friend pointed out that sometimes you have to pander to the algorithm a bit. As such, this was the point when my thumbnails got a vibrant (if not obnoxious) upgrade!


Although we are now (hopefully) heading out of lockdown and work is getting busier, I am hoping to keep producing at least one video per week. Look out for more tutorials, as well as some Journey to the Worlds episodes from a wider variety of locations!

All that remains is to thank every person who has taken this journey with me. Thank you to everyone who has subscribed so far, left a positive comment or question, or given a video the thumbs-up! It couldn’t have come this far without you.