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Matt takes time to get to know you and your style, so he is able to coach in a way that fits how you like to be taught. He has a vast array of paddling knowledge and knows how to use it. He cares about paddling and you. One of the best coaches you could have.

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About Matthew

Self-confessed slice-boat fanatic, gear- and technique-geek and avid music-lover. I grew up on the south coast of England, within stone’s throw of the sea, so water has always been my chosen element.

Kayaking has taken me all over the world, both for adventure and competition, but I like nowhere better than the rain-soaked UK. My favourite runs are the Mawddach and the Upper Dart, but the difficulty or quality of whitewater mean nothing to me, as long as I am out on the river with friends!

Besides racing in Austria, Canada and the US, I have explored and made first descents in Madagascar. Competition definitely excites me and I love expeditionary paddling, but by far my favourite form of paddling is slicing and dicing down a UK ditch! 

I am a British Canoeing Advanced Whitewater Leader and Personal Paddlesport Award Provider.

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